• Hazard Zone is a PvPvE game mode similar to "Hunt: Showdown" and "Escape From Tarkov"
  • Players can purchase and equip weapon and perk loadouts before each match
  • Equipped perks and weapons will be lost when players fail to exfiltrate from the mission

The highly anticipated third game mode for “Battlefield 2042” has received its official trailer, giving would-be players a glimpse of what they can expect once the full game arrives in November.

Hazard Zone is a mixed PvPvE mode where squads of specialists must enter enemy territory and extract valuable data drives from crashed satellites. Inside each zone are hostile AI-controlled soldiers and other players who are out to get as many drives as possible.

Data extraction is the primary objective in Hazard Zone. Players are free to execute whatever strategy they want in order to achieve this objective, whether it be a frontal assault or a stealthy approach, but direct conflict with other squads may be unavoidable. It’s every squad for themselves, and players have plenty to lose should they fail their mission.

Hazard Zone shows clear inspiration from other raid-type FPS games like “Hunt: Showdown” and “Escape From Tarkov.” Both games share the PvPvE theme in settings that have players fight over mutual objectives in a large map.

In Hazard Zone, players will get to customize their specialists with a variety of weapons, attachments and perk loadouts that they can purchase using in-game currency. These loadouts will be lost if players fail to extract or are killed in action whilst in a mission, making each game more intense than the average “Battlefield” game mode.

Each game of Hazard Zone can have up to 32 players or eight squads with four players each, according to PC Gamer. For PS4 and Xbox One, the player count is reduced to 24. All of the base game’s 10 specialists will be available in this game mode, but players cannot pick the same specialist that their other squadmates have already picked.

There are still plenty of questions regarding Hazard Zone that DICE is yet to answer. It’s not yet known if all of the base game’s weapons can be used in this game mode, what vehicles will be available or if there is going to be a “Tarkov”-style loot system in place. More importantly, the reveal trailer did not mention if the game mode is going to be free to play like “Call Of Duty: Warzone.”

Battlefield 2042's short film Exodus features Irish, one of the main characters from Battlefield 4's main campaign story Battlefield 2042's short film Exodus features Irish, one of the main characters from Battlefield 4's main campaign story Photo: Electronic Arts