A new glitch in "BF4" can reflect gunfire. Courtesy/EA DICE

Uh oh. A new glitch in “Battlefield 4” is killing players when they attempt to fire their weapons at the wrong time.

If you happen to have a revivable dead body between you and an opponent in a first-person shooter made by Electronic Arts Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment, or EA DICE, there’s a good chance your bullets or grenades will bounce back and kill you instead.

YouTube user jackfrags alerted users about the game’s newest glitch in a video he posted on YouTube that had more than 300,000 views and 2,000 comments.

Nicknamed the “death shield” by users, the glitch doesn’t allow players to destroy or kill other players, because the "shield" will absorb all the damage.

EA DICE hasn’t fixed the glitch yet, but it has rolled out updates for its game, first released in 2013, for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360 since its launch last year.

A new “Battlefield 4” update for the PC was released last month, designed to fix a number of bugs, including camera jittering and soldiers firing in the wrong direction when turning.

Though EA DICE has launched a number of updates for 2013’s first-person shooter “Battlefield 4,” many players still complain the game is broken, citing countless issues and problems. Since Oct. 29, when it was released, "Battlefield 4" has had major technical issues and crashes on all platforms. When players voiced their complaints, EA DICE responded by making more patches for the game.

The company recently promised users that future game development would be on hold until “BF4” was working correctly.

“We know we still have a ways to go with fixing the game -- it is absolutely our No. 1 priority," an EA representative told gaming website IGN in December. "The team at DICE is working nonstop to update the game. We know many of our players are frustrated, and we feel your pain. We will not stop until this is right.”