• BBC veteran journalist Nick Robinson has been tested for COVID-19 after his Asian holiday
  • The "Today" host recently visited Vietnam and Cambodia
  • Robinson is on a two-day self-isolation
  • Channel 4 News host Jon Snow was also tested for COVID-19 and is in self-isolation for two weeks
  • Snow visited Iran to cover the country's election
  • Snow's producer and cameran are also in self-isolation

BBC's Nick Robinson has been tested for COVID-19 after returning from a holiday in Asia.

The “Today” presenter said early Wednesday that health workers from the Whittington Health Trust did a “routine precautionary check” on him on doctor's advice after returning from a “great holiday” in Vietnam and Cambodia.

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A doctor checks the body temperature of a man returning from Iran at a quarantine zone to test for the COVID-19 coronavirus in the Pakistan-Iran border town of Taftan on Feb. 25, 2020. AFP / Banaras KHAN

Robinson, who spent 10 years as the broadcaster's political editor and chief political correspondent in 1999, thanked the hospital staff and is hoping for positive news within 48 hours.

The veteran journalist took to Twitter and said that he is on a two-day self-isolation at his home and has asked his followers for suggestions while waiting for his results.

“What to watch/read? The Irishman? United beating Watford? Democratic debate? Any other thoughts. Need light relief after reading brilliant but harrowing books about Vietnam & Killing Fields,” he said in his post.

Robinson's public revelation came after Channel 4 News host Jon Snow said that he is in self-isolation for 14 days following his trip to Iran to cover its election.

Although Snow said that he doesn't have any symptoms of COVID-19, Channel 4 said the host followed the guidelines set by the Department of Health.

Snow's producer and cameraman are also in self-isolation after their visit to the country.

“None of the team are currently showing any symptoms of Covid-19 but the official advice is to self-isolate regardless,” Channel 4 News tweeted.

Vietnam has 16 COVID-19 cases while Cambodia has one reported case.

Iran on the other hand has 96 confirmed cases of COVID-19.