Onlookers at the University of Colorado at Boulder witness a memorable event, which would sound impossible to many had it not been caught on video and in photos Thursday, when a 200-pound tranquilized black bear was seen falling from a tree onto a mattress on campus.

According to University officials, a black bear estimated between three and five-years-old wandered onto the campus and broke into the dorm rooms and the car park before working its way up into a tree.

It was like, 'Excuse me, pardon me, coming through.' It was running full speed, a witness named Rhonda Chestnutt told the Denver Post. I felt privileged to have the encounter

After hanging out for two hours about 15 feet up into the tree, wildlife officials hit the bear with a tranquilizer dart to subdue the nearly 200 pound creature to protect student's safety.

He was just resting up in the tree probably for a good two hours, University police spokesman Ryan Huff told the Denver Post.

Huff said in order to get the bear down safely, the team set up cushy mattresses to break the bear's fall.

[The bear] was tranquilized by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department and it fell onto some mats that the Rec Center provided, Huff told the CU Independent. It was really a perfect landing. It is now in a cage and it will be relocated at a higher elevation.

Parks and WIldlife officials later tagged the bear and relocated him to the habitat in Boulder, the Denver Post reported.

According to a Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesperson, bears typically are spotted in March and April while searching for food after hibernating during the winter.

But it's not just Colorado who caught a glimpse of a fuzzy brown bear this week. On Monday evening, a mama bear and her three cubs crashed a local weather report in Scranton, Penn., terrifying the meteorologist.

View the video of the bear falling from a tree at the University of Colorado at Boulder below.