Brown Bear
A brown bear looks out from a cage in the Carpathian National Nature Park, some 700 km from Ukrainian capital of Kiev, Ukraine, Feb. 1, 2013. Getty Images/Olexander Zobin

A caged brown bear tore off a woman’s arm and ate it during a Christmas party in Achinsk, Russia. The party was taking place at a guesthouse when the incident happened.

The unnamed 53-year-old woman was reportedly an employee at the guesthouse and was spotted heavily drinking at the party, according to reports.

The bear attacked her when the woman stuck her hand into the cage. Shortly before the attack, she apparently boasted to other people that she could get close to the bear and feed it. As soon as her arm went inside the cage, the bear grabbed it with its jaws and bit it off. The animal was later spotted chomping on the woman’s arm.

The woman sustained heavy blood loss and was rushed to a nearby hospital where she underwent emergency surgery at the stump of her hand. She was reported to be in a “grave condition” following the attack.

“It ended in tragedy for the woman as the bear took its revenge on being held captive - and ate her arm for its festive meal,” a local told Mail Online.

It is unclear exactly when the incident took place. The Russian police are investigating the attack.

The guesthouse owner had defied a police order earlier to free two bears in his possession out in the wild. Instead, the owner kept at least one of them in a cramped cage, which barely allowed any space for the animal’s movement, and displayed it at the Christmas party for the amusement of the guests staying at the facility.

“We have often fed those bears ourselves,” one of the people staying at the guest house said. “We used a stick provided there to push the treat towards the cage. Sometimes the bears open their mouths just like hippos and you can throw an apple right into it. They are very smart, stretching their paws waiting for treats.”

State hunting inspector Vasily Vershkov said that none of the bears will be harmed. “We will wait until spring and assist in the release of these bears,” he said. “Nobody will kill them.”

Although no video of the actual incident was publicly available, another footage of the animal shows a man laughing as he repeatedly hit the bear with the handle of a shovel and pulled at its fur. The man was also seen feeding the bear a bottle of soda.

Bear attacks, albeit rare, are known to occur in the United States as well.

Earlier this month, Melinda Lebarron, a Pennsylvania woman was attacked by a bear behind her home and dragged for more than 80 yards into nearby woods. She was able to eventually get herself free from the animal and crawled back to her house. She sustained broken ribs, a broken collarbone, multiple puncture wounds, and a partial scalping from the attack.