• Benjamin Netanyahu has a net worth of around $14 million
  • He has been linked to corruption issues
  • Netanyahu's trial is set to take place this month

Benjamin Netanyahu’s net worth is one of the highest among government officials in Israel. Just how much is the fortune of Israel’s prime minister?

Netanyahu is the fourth richest public servant in their country. Per The Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu’s fortune is around $14 million. The number one on the money list is ex-Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat with an estimated net worth of $140 million. The second place belongs to Barkat's sister-in-law Alona who is said to own a soccer club in Israel and has a net worth of $131 million. Third place is former prime minister Ehud Barak with $33 million. Rounding up the top five is Naftali Bennet with $9 million.

When compared to other leaders in the region, the Israeli leader’s net worth seems modest. U.S. President Donald Trump is worth billions.

Netanyahu has been the prime minister of Israel for four times. A lot of his wealth came from his time away from the office after losing in the 1999 elections.

The 70-year-old leader has come under fire recently. There are allegations that he is involved in corruption and his trial is set to take place this month. There are also rumors that he received favors from businessmen in the past. He denies all the allegations hurled against him. 

The pressure of gaining back public trust is taking its toll on Netanyahu. The recent result of the election mirrors the divided opinions of voters. Likud, Netanyahu’s party, only got 36 votes compared to rival party Kahol Lavan’s 32 votes. Although Likud got the lead, it did not get the majority votes needed. It was the third time the election results failed to produce a convincing winner, according to DW

The issues continue to pile up as the COVID-19 scare hits Israel. In a report by The Jerusalem Post, the prime minister claims he might soon implement drastic measures to stop the spread of the deadly virus in the country. Netanyahu added that he is considering implementing a 14-day quarantine to travelers entering Israel, especially those coming from the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference where three Americans were confirmed to have contacted the virus.

Right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and its allies won 58 seats in the March 2 election Right-wing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud party and its allies won 58 seats in the March 2 election Photo: POOL / Oded Balilty