Here is a list of best features specific to the LG G5 smartphone. LG

The LG G4, released in 2015, got a moderate reception across the globe. Determined to make an impact, the South Korean tech giant has come up with a power-packed successor in LG G5. Preliminary benchmark results showed the Snapdragon 820-powered G5 trumping the Samsung Galaxy S7 fair and square.

Critics and reviewers across the globe have given a thumps-up to the LG G5. Meanwhile, this device is now available for purchase in the U.S. and few other regions. Not to forget, the hilarious G5 advertisement starring Jason Statham with a slew of wigs, dance moves and rustic actions.

Now, it’s time to pick the best features of the LG G5.

Full-Metal Design

Very recently, the LG G5 got mired in a controversy after a reviewer alleged that the tech giant has used a lot of plastic instead of metal in its flagship device. Following which, LG responded to the allegation stating that it is the “primer” in use and not “plastic” as claimed. Primer is apparently a substance used to coat wood and metal surfaces.

The company also vouched that the all-metal look has been achieved by an “advanced aluminum alloy,” Gadgets 360 reported. Thereby, LG put an end to this controversy, which had the potential to ruin the reputation and dwindle down the sales.

Modular Design

Google’s heavily-anticipated Project Ara modular phone, which is considered as the future of technology, has been postponed. In the meantime, LG has chipped in to fill the gap by introducing the G5 with a modular design. Sure, it’s not fully modular like Project Ara. Nevertheless, it is a first step in the right direction.

As part of the modularity, the G5’s battery unit can be replaced. And then, there is LG CAM Plus module, which can provide additional camera controls to the G5 handset. The controls include zoom dial, shutter button and a video record button, 9To5Google reported.

The other hardware that can be changed is the Hi-Fi Plus, which can be used as a headphone amplifier backing music up to 32-bit/384 kHz.

Advanced MicroSD Card

The LG G5 can reportedly accept microSD cards of any capacity. Except for the application data, contents like photos, videos, music and other files can be stored in the external storage, Phone Arena reported.

However, it is worth noting that apps can only be installed on the handset’s native storage system. Not to forget, the G5 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS, which already has the capability to support Adoptable Storage.

Quick Charger

The LG G5 comes equipped with a 16W Quick Charge 3.0 charger. This means, the handset can be charged from 0 percent to 100 percent within 80 minutes, Phone Arena reported. As for charging, the G5 makes use of the now-famous Type-C USB port.

Always-On Display

The always-on display functionality of the LG G5 shows the basics like time, date and notifications on the screen, even if the handset is in stand-by mode. This means, G5 owners need not wake the phone up to check time and other details.

However, the screen is apparently not very bright. But then, the display brightness also depends on the battery charge left in the device, among others.

Free Cloud Storage

Upon purchasing the LG G5, buyers become eligible for a cool 100 GB cloud storage via Google Drive. This storage space will be given free of charge spanning 2 years.