A U.S. senator who viewed Osama Bin Laden's death photos made available by the CIA confirmed that the images were of the terror master mind and that they were 'pretty gruesome'.

CNN reported that Republican Senator James Inhofe saw about 15 photos of bin Laden's body, most of which were taken immediately after he was killed in his hideout in Pakistan's Abottabad.

The CIA had said on Wednesday it will allow select U.S. lawmakers see the grisly photos of dead Bin Laden, in order to eliminate doubts over the killing of the terror mastermind.

The agency said members of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will get to see the gory photos. However the caveat is that the lawmakers will have to travel to the agency's headquarters in Virginia.

Senator Inhofe said a bullet could have either entered or exited an ear, while he described how brains hung out of bin Laden's eye socket.

That was him ... He is gone. He's history, he told CNN.

Meanwhile more U.S. lawmakers were planning to view the death photos. The decision to selectively show the photos to lawmakers came in the wake of the widespread criticism of President Obama's decision not to release for the media the violent images of Bin Laden. With this decision the White House could be planning to deal a sucker punch to the 'deather' campaign!

Several media organizations have made requests under the Freedom of Information Act to release the images. These include the Associated Press, Fox News, Politico, Judicial Watch and Citizens United.