The CIA will allow select U.S. lawmakers see the grisly photos of the dead Bin Laden, in order to eliminate doubts over the killing of the terror mastermind.

Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence will get to see the gory photos, Fox News reported on Wednesday, citing CIA sources.

However the caveat is that the lawmakers will have to travel to the agency's headquarters in Virginia.

The move comes in the wake of the widespread criticism of President Obama's decision not to release for the media the violent images of Bin Laden. With this decision the White House could be planning to deal a sucker punch to the 'deather' campaign!

Several media organizations have made requests under the Freedom of Information Act to release the images. These include the Associated Press, Fox News, Politico, Judicial Watch and Citizens United.

Earlier last week, President Barack Obama went back on his promise to release at least one photo of dead Bin Laden, saying he would rather not incite more violence in the name of the Al-Qaeda terror chief's photo.

The president appeared to have been swayed by the predominant view in the national security apparatus that releasing the photo would hand another propaganda tool to terror organizations and endanger the lives of Americans overseas. However, many argued that transparency could have been the better option.

This is somebody who had no regard for the 3,000 or so Americans that he killed on 9-11 in horrific conditions; buildings crushing, people jumping out of windows, said likely presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty.

Republican leader Andy Martin said he wanted evidence for the killing of Bin Laden. While I am overjoyed that we got Bin Laden, I am afraid that due to President Obama's hesitation and incompetence we may have squandered an even greater opportunity to strike a mortal blow at Al Qaeda, he told the Washington Post.