A recorded audio messages purportedly made by Osama bin Laden and shortly before he was killed wqas released by al Qaeda's media wing as-Sahab on Wednesday and posted on some select Islamic websites, reports said.

The recording of about 12-minute long begins with a prayer and remarks reportedly made by bin Laden on Arb unrest. CNN, which translated the audio, said it could not confirm its authenticity but said it could have been recorded sometime in April.

CNN reports that it was similar to the recordings seized by the U.S. forces early this montha fter killing bin Laden in Abbottabad in Pakistan.

Some excerpts from the recordings:

My Muslim Umma (nation), we are monitoring with you this great historic event and we join you with your joy and delight, so congratulations on your victories and may God have mercy on your martyrs. May he cure your injured and grant the release of your prisoners.

The (Muslim) nation was always getting ready for the victory that is rising from the eastern horizon but the surprise was that the sun of the revolution rose from the Maghreb, the west. The light of the revolution sparked in Tunisia and the nation felt the relief, the faces of the people got brightened and the throats of the rulers got coarser and the Jews got terrified because the coming of the promised day.

With the overthrow of the tyrant, the definitions of fear, humiliation and surrender have fallen as well. The new meanings of freedom, pride, audacity and courage were risen. The winds of change came, in a will of liberation.

This revolution (Egypt) was not a revolution for the food or the clothing but a revolution for pride and glory, a revolution of sacrifice and kindness, a revolution that enlightened the upper and lower Nile and all of its surroundings.

I believe that the winds of change will overtake the whole Muslim world, with God's permission.