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A day after it announced a new service which would bring Groupon like daily deals together, Microsoft’s Bing announced a partnership with Kayak to feature flight deals. Microsoft

Groupon and Living Social are quickly emerging as the Hatfields and McCoys of the daily deals industry; but one company has brought them together; at least under the same roof.

Microsoft announced this week that it is installing a new feature on its Bing browser simply called Deals. The desktop and mobile feature will have a combination of deals from all of the major companies in the industry including Groupon, Living Social and All told, Bing deals will feature more than 200,000 unique offers in over 14,000 cities and towns across the U.S.

Bing's mission is to help you cut through the clutter of the Web to make decisions more quickly -- whether that's through our own innovations or by teaming up with industry experts. The Dealmap is a leading source for people to find and share the best local deals, so naturally it made sense for us to team up with them to bring you the best experience, said Andy Chu, director of Product Management, in a blog post.

The setup is fairly straightforward on both mobile and desktop. Mobile users have to simply access the Bing homepage ( and click on the deals link to access a list of deals from Groupon, Living Social and the like.

Bing is launching Bing Deals on the iPhone and Android operating systems, but not their own sister operating system, Windows Phone 7. A spokesperson for Microsoft said the reason Bing deals isn't on Windows Phone 7 is because it's based on HTML5. Once Windows Phone 7 gets HTML5, which Microsoft has announced, the operating system will have Bing deals functionality as well.

Finding deals on the desktop is slightly more difficult. Users must type in the Bing business search box for their favorite places, if it has a deal, it will be displayed.

To build the platform, Microsoft partnered with the Web site The Dealmap. The Dealmap has its own version of this kind of all-encompassing service, which features a map with every available deal in the world posted on it.

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