Black Friday Vs. Cyber Monday
When and where you should shop this season to ensure you are getting the best bargain for holiday gifts. IBT

While your Thanksgiving turkey is slowly browning in the oven, the maelstrom of Black Friday sales is just starting to brew. For fashionistas everywhere this is the day to grab a bargain, get ahead of the gifting pack and score some mega-savings. But with the hustle and bustle of the holiday and the chaos of the sales, is it worth waiting for the Cyber Monday sales or should you skip both sales for better chances to save in the New Year and in 2014?

It is estimated that more than 140 million Americans will hit the stores this holiday weekend in the hunt for a perfect bargain, be it a television or a winter coat. Consumers can also shop from the comfort of their own home on Cyber Monday, avoiding the crowds and the mayhem of Black Friday.

Some retailers have even started pre-Black Friday sales, as savings have been seen through most of November. So as the bargains continue to roll in, we discover when exactly is the best time to buy, and which day you should buy.

For parents everywhere wanting to beat Santa to the punch, toys are high on the wish list this sales season. But surprisingly Black Friday and Cyber Monday is not the time to buy them. To get more bang for your buck, hold out on shopping, as the best sales for toys will happen in the first two weeks of December.

As the winter chill sets in, entertainment in our own homes is high on the agenda. But when buying a television, is this weekend the best time to do so? While Best Buy and other electronics stores have pushed their sales for this weekend, it seems both Black Friday and Cyber Monday don’t have the best deals. The cheapest time to buy your television is in February, specifically on Super Bowl Sunday.

With the popularity of both Xbox One and PlayStation4, many are seeking out the best bargains for these new gaming consoles and their accessories this weekend. Many stores are doing great deals, specifically when it comes to bundles. So depending on what it is you want from a game or a console, both shopping days are good for value.

Fashionistas everywhere are most excited for the deals on designer duds this shopping weekend, but is this the best time to shop for clothes? Cyber Monday is the best time to buy apparel, but winter clothes will be on sale at the end of the season in January. So if you can’t wait for the clearance sales, shop on Cyber Monday.

Men of the house looking for home improvement accessories and tools may have to wait until Father’s Day for the best deals. Another item that should be crossed of your list this holiday is holiday décor. It comes as no surprise that Christmas decorations are always cheaper after the fact, so Dec. 26 would be a good day to buy your festive goods.

Fitness equipment may be the first thing you want to buy after all that over-indulging and third plate of turkey stuffing. But maybe you should hold off until the New Year. Fitness equipment and accessories are always cheaper in January to compete with the gyms looking to capitalize on New Year’s resolutions.

For that special lady in your life, nothing says love more than beautiful jewelry. But before you think about spoiling someone this holiday, think again. The best time to buy a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings is on Valentine’s Day.

For home items and cookware, you will be able to snag a bargain on both shopping days. But on Cyber Monday you may be enticed with special offers that include free shipping.

So when it comes to shopping these holidays, it seems both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are good days to hunt for a bargain. Depending on what you are buying, however, it may be worth waiting for that special time of year when it really is the best time to buy.