Guide dogs are very common, but Blair, a one-year-old Black Labrador isn't your typical guide dog. Blair helps around Tanner, a two and a half-year-old blind Golden Retriever suffering from epilepsy. A video has been circulating the Internet displaying the inseparable pairs odd relationship.

The dogs reside at Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Okla., and while they are great friends now, life wasn't always that easy or enjoyable for them.

According to the New York Daily News, Tanner was born blind. When the dog's owner died in 2010 he was shuffled to different foster homes, but due to his epileptic seizures no home ever stuck. A former owner of his explained in the KTUL video that Tanner's seizures would cause him to urinate and defecate. Tanner ended up getting placed at the Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue. His seizures had him transferred to the Woodland West Animal Hospital where Tanner's life changed.

While at the animal hospital Tanner met Blair, a one-year-old Black Labrador who had been homeless and shot. Blair was very anxious due to the gunshot, but once meeting Tanner, her life changed as well.

One day [Blair and Tanner] were exercising in a play yard together, Dr. Mike Jones, a vet at Woodland West told KTUL. Blair all of a sudden seemed to realize that Tanner was blind and just started to help him around.

Their friendship has made Blair less anxious, and Tanner's seizures less frequent.

KTUL's video of the two dogs show Blair grabbing hold of Tanner's leash and leading him around the play yard. Their friendship can't help but bring a tear to viewer's eyes.

Those working with both Blair and Tanner hope that the two will be adopted together.

Since the video came out the Woodland West Animal Hospital has received several calls from people interested in adopting the inseparable pair. Those in the Tulsa, Okla. area interested in adopting Tanner and Blair can fill out an application with the Sooner Golden Retriever Rescue.

To watch the KTUL video of Blair and Tanner in action click here.