A dog as a co-anchor? For Canadian station Global TV, news anchor Leslie Roberts better watch out ... because Storm the Weather Dog is stealing the show.

Roberts had been reporting on Helene Campbell, a double lung transplant recipient who just turned 21-years-old, when all of a sudden a small head popped up from beneath the news desk. The head belonged to meteorologist Anthony Farnell's dog, Storm.

Storm, the Weather Dog, as he is known around the studio, took a few seconds to look around while on air before hopping back off camera. While Roberts kept his cool on air about his unexpected co-anchor, viewers did not. Storm has captured the hearts of thousands. According to Global Toronto, after the news clip featuring Storm was posted on their site it received over 40,000 hits just on Monday alone.

Roberts did take some time to clear up any confusion viewers may have had regarding the unforeseen guest star. Before we begin the weather forecast we have a little bit of an explanation, said Roberts. You know that show 'Where's Waldo?' We're going to start one called 'Where's Stormy?' While meteorologist Farnell laughs in the background, Roberts continues that, people may have noticed a few minutes ago I was reading the news and suddenly a dog popped up.

Farnell took over from that point, explaining that He was supposed to actually stay underneath the desk, but he did pop up out of the blue. You are not seeing things. You are not hallucinating at home.

Turns out Storm the Weather Dog is a star. The internet sensation even has a Facebook page. So, who exactly is Storm, and how did he get to become the famous pup he is today?

Family Heritage

Born on May 25, 2011, Storm is a mix between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. According to his Facebook, Storm's mother was a miniature Goldendoodle, and his dad was a miniature Poodle. I'm going to be about 30 pounds when I'm full grown, explains the social networking page.

Growing Up

Storm spent his first eight weeks with his five siblings and mom Tinkerbell on a farm outside of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. He currently resides with Farnell.

What's In A Name?

Believe it or not, Storm was named with help from viewers of Global TV where his owner Anthony Farnell works. The dog reportedly loves going storm chasing with his owner, but admits to getting a little scared of thunder and lightning. I'm getting more brave every day, he assures fans on his Facebook.

Personal Hobbies

Besides chasing storms with Farnell, Storm loves to play with other dogs, sniff trees at parks and eating just about everything I see.