House Speaker John Boehner on Monday said that the Republican proposal for the 2012 budget leads where the Obama administration failed by taking on challenges facing healthcare, retirement and energy to create jobs.

It leads where the administration has failed and takes on autopilot spending that's driving our debt crisis while preserving critical health and retirement security programs for the future; expands American energy production to create jobs and address rising gas prices; repeals and defunds the health care law that threatens jobs; and much more, Boehner said in opinion piece published in USA Today.

On part of that agenda, the Obama administration on Sunday was in agreement.

More savings to government healthcare costs are needed, a White House advisor said on Sunday.

So we've had a lot of savings in health care, we have to do more, said David Plouffe, President Obama's senior advisor said on NBC's Meet the Press.

Republicans have objected to the way healthcare will be financed under last year's health reform laws, which passed with the approval of President Barack Obama and Congress.

If Republicans want to repeal that - as many have vowed to do - they will have to show how to make that benefit the government's finances, Plouffe said.

[T]hey'll have to explain how they're going to make up the trillion dollars in deficit reduction, Plouffe said.

The White House strategy to cost saving in federal programs for seniors and the poor will focus first on the system's efficiencies, not additional contributions by participants, he said.

So you're going to have to look at Medicare and Medicaid and see what kind of savings you can get. First, squeezing them out of the system before you squeeze seniors, he said.