Boeing is expected to report a 6 percent increase in profit despite a three-month crisis involving its most popular aircraft. Reuters

The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) has delivered its first two VIP 787-8 business jets of 2014 this past week, to two mysterious customers.

"It's terrific to see two BBJ 787s deliver within a week," said Capt. Steve Taylor, president, Boeing Business Jets. "The BBJ 787 joins the BBJ family, a full line of the most capable airplanes in the VIP market. The 787's combination of phenomenal range, high cruise speed, low cabin altitude, big windows and ultra-quiet cabin make the 787 ideal for BBJ customers."

The BBJ 787-8 comes with a lightweight composite that gives the jet increased mileage and fuel efficiency, around 9,260 miles. Designed for luxurious VIP travel, it also offers increased headroom, cleaner air and a large cargo hold. It remains to be seen if the jet will suffer from the same battery problems the commercial 787 has.

"2014 will be a very exciting year for BBJ with many major milestones to celebrate," Taylor said. "In addition to the deliveries of three more BBJ 787-8s, the first BBJ 747-8 we delivered last year will enter into service with its completed custom interior later in the year."

The first 787-8 VIP jet was delivered in December 2013, with another 10 due over the next five years.

Normally Boeing delivers the jets with no interior and with no markings on the exterior, and then a second phase of production allows the customer to make specific choices on both, tailoring it their desires.

Boeing currently has more than 400 VIP aircraft in service around the world.