British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the wife of a U.S. diplomat who fled the country after being involved in a fatal car accident. Johnson has called for the 42-year-old woman, whose name has been published in some outlets, to return to the country and face the charges leveled against her.

The woman was pulling out of the RAF Croughton base on Aug. 27 in a Volvo SUV when she drove on the opposite side of the road and struck and killed Harry Dunn, 19, who was on a motorcycle. Despite meeting with local police and promising not to leave the country, she claimed diplomatic immunity due to her husband’s status and fled to the United States. Requests by authorities to have her immunity waived were dismissed.

“I do not think that it can be right to use the process of diplomatic immunity for this type of purpose,” Johnson said in an interview Monday with the BBC. “And I hope that [she] will come back and will engage properly with the processes of laws that carried out in this country. If we can’t resolve it, then of course I will be raising it myself personally with the White House.”

It is unclear when the diplomat's wife left the U.K. but police said they were advised that she left on Sept. 16.

The woman’s actions have since sparked outrage in the U.K., with many, including Dunn’s family, demanding that she return and cooperate with the investigation. Dunn’s parents have recently made direct appeals to President Donald Trump to help get justice for their son.

“President Trump, please listen,” Charlotte Charles, Dunn’s mother, said to Sky News. “We’re a family in ruin. We’re broken. We can’t grieve. Please, please, let her get back on a plane, come back to the U.K. … We could understand how she’s feeling, but more importantly, she needs to face justice, see what she’s done.”

Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson
Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson. AFP / Ben STANSALL