Boxing Day, which falls on Dec. 26 -- the day after Christmas, is celebrated in Canada, the U.K., and Commonwealth countries around the globe. On this day, employers generally give their workers Christmas gifts for the holiday season.

However, it is also marked by people stepping out for shopping as several brands offer discounts. Here are some wishes for Boxing Day, courtesy allwishquotes, to share with your loved ones:

1. For my best friend, I wish you a happy and wonderful Boxing Day. I pray to the Lord for showering you with happiness and love always and I hope you are celebrating the beautiful Boxing Day well with loved ones.

2. Today is boxing day, and some more days ahead will launch us to the new year. Have a beautiful day doing what you love, and have a fantastic new year ahead.

3. I wish you a happy boxing day and send you much love. I pray to the Almighty to shower choicest best blessings of love and happiness upon you and your family.

4. Just as the celebrations of Christmas roll over to Boxing Day, may the celebrations of Boxing Day roll over to New Year’s Eve and all the year through!

5. I hope today comes with something that leaves a smile on your face as the sun rises and sets. Have an unforgettable boxing day filled with love.

6. May all your hard works thorough the year pay off. May you have an incredible day with your friends and family. Wishing you a blissful boxing day this year!

7. I am sending love your way because love is the only thing that rules the world. Enjoy this blessing and happiness that accompanies this day. Happy boxing day.

8. Set your worries aside and embrace the day with open arms. I hope you have a blissful and fantastic boxing day, my friend.

9. Be grateful to the Lord who blesses you in ways more than you imagined. Have fun and have a great day! Sending you much love on this boxing day!

10. Take a break from all your stress and let this festive season take over your life. Enjoy and be the reason of joy for so many. Happy boxing day!

Boxing Day Boxing Day is celebrated in Canada, the U.K., and other Commonwealth countries around the world. Shoppers on Oxford Street hit the Boxing Day Sales on Dec. 26, 2017 in London, England. Photo: Getty Images/HGL