Laurence Rook, 13, has invented a doorbell that tricks potential burglars into thinking you're at home, even when you're not.

The 'Smart Bell' calls your cell phone when someone rings on the door bell, allowing for a conversation with whomever is at the door, according to the Daily Mail.

The doorbell can also be used to help delivery workers to complete their deliveries.

The Daily Mail says Rook, who is from Whyteleafe, Surrey in England, has already sold 20,000 units to communications firm Commtel Innovate and could sell an additional 25,000 to an unnamed firm.

That deal could earn him 250,000 pounds.

Rook says he had the idea for the product when his mother complained about going to the post office to collect deliveries when she wasn't home. He said he also realized the bell could be a burglar-deterrent.

His mother, Margaret Rook, 39, says Laurence's accomplishment is extra-ordinary but I'm just trying to keep Laurence grounded at the moment.