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  • The stray dog problem has long been plaguing India
  • The families of the dog attack victims are calling on their local government to take action
  • The local police in Delhi said that they will talk to the parents and the boy when he is stable

A 13-year-old boy who was mauled by a pack of stray dogs has sustained at least a dozen lacerations throughout his body.

The boy, identified as Sirajuddin from the Rangpuri area in Southwest Delhi, India, was out to buy milk and groceries at around 7:30 a.m. local time when about 14 dogs began surrounding him.

Sensing the threat, Sirajuddin tried to run but without success. The boy was already being attacked when neighbors and family members came to his rescue after they heard him shouting for help.

Doctors who examined him found deep bites and severe cuts on his shoulders, back, hands and legs. He was brought home after the treatment.

"I was at work when the incident took place and rushed home when I heard what had happened. My son was attacked by dogs and he screamed for help. A woman saved him. Later, he was taken to the hospital for treatment," Maksood, Sirajuddin's father, told local news outlet NDTV.

In March, two brothers were also mobbed by stray dogs in the area in two separate incidents. The victims, identified as Anand and Aditya, aged 7 and 5 respectively, had also gone to the same forested area in Rangpuri to visit a relative's house.

The victims were both mauled to death just 72 hours apart.

"Inquiry from neighbors and residents revealed that many stray dogs roam the jungle area and attack goats and pigs," police said, reported the Times of India.

Sirajuddin's family, as well as other locals in the area, are exerting pressure on the local government to resolve the stray dog problem.

"We have four kids. We have seen the mother of the siblings ... She lives 100-200 meters away. What if these dogs attack our kids? Sirajuddin was walking towards the general store when the dogs surrounded him. He has deep cuts and scratches ... Will the [Municipal Corporation of Delhi] do something now? Nobody is safe here," Maksood explained.

"We want the dogs to be removed. We all have children, and they aren't safe," another resident told Indian Express.

The stray dog menace has long been plaguing India. Animal rights advocates are calling on the government to implement strict pet ownership laws to mitigate the problem.