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An Indian doctor's wedding ground to an awkward halt after he removed a ceremonial crown and exposed that he was bald. The young bride then adamantly refused to marry him. Screenshot

An Indian woman watched her husband-to-be remove a ceremonial crown Sunday and expose that he was bald -- she then refused to marry him just moments into their wedding ceremony.

Dr. Ravi Kumar, a neurologist in Delhi, was set to marry a woman from the Sugauli village in West Champaran Sunday. But as the wedding party enjoyed the festivities and rituals, the groom Kumar removed the crown from his head and repulsed the young bride due to his baldness, Gulf News reports.

The bride and groom reportedly got as far as reaching the “Shadi Mandap,” or wedding venue, and performed several marital rituals including the garland-exchange. But witnesses who spoke with Gulf News said the “happy atmosphere” and enjoyment of delicacies came to a dramatic halt when the young bride outright refused to marry the hairless doctor.

Despite efforts from both the bride and groom’s families and wedding attendees, the woman refused to be convinced to wed Kumar because he is bald. Not to be deterred, the angry groom’s family began an extensive search for another suitable bride in the town and managed to convince a second girl named Neha Kumari to marry him at a local temple in the same village.

The Sunday bride-swapping incident, which occurred about 125 miles from Patna, followed a Tuesday event in which bride Rani Kumari refused to wed Sudhir Chaudhary after he became sick on the wedding day. After being admitted to a local hospital, Kumari rejected the attempted marriage.