Passengers riding British Airways flights experienced delays and ended up getting stranded at the JKF International Airport on Wednesday night. The delay was not only on US-bound flights, but the problem was also seen all around the airports where the airline operates in England.

As reported by New York Daily News, passengers coming from JFK Airport have expressed their anger and disappointment towards the airline when the incident happened. Posts on social media about the flight delay were also made.

One passenger who expressed his frustrations and his worry about not making a connecting flight to Heathrow, London, received a reply from British Airways.

The new JetBlue terminal is seen at John F. Kennedy International Airport on its first official day of operation, Oct. 22, 2008. Getty Images

Courtesy still of Daily News, it read: “We are working hard to fix a technical issue which has delayed your flight. We’re really sorry for the delay to your travel plans. If you do miss your connection and both flights are on the same booking, airport staff will assist.”

While no other details were given, it seems that the delay was caused by an internal error or more specifically, some issues with the airline’s computer system. In a statement given by one Port Authority spokesman, the main cause of the problem was a “system-wide issue with the British Airways computer system.”

“It is impacting arrivals and departures at JFK and elsewhere. We are assisting to get passengers deplaned,” the spokesman said in the same report.

Daily News reached out to the people over at British Airways, but it seems that the airline itself is keen on sharing the specifics of the incident, based on the statement that the company representative had given.

“Our teams are working hard to fix a technical issue causing delays to a small number of flights this evening,” he said in a statement to the Daily News. “We apologize to customers affected and we’re assisting them with alternative arrangements.”