The Sun will not be sued for publishing naked pictures of Prince Harry, according to reports.

The royal family said in a statement, according to TMZ, "We remain of the opinion that a hotel room is a private space where its occupants would have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Prince Harry is currently focused entirely on his deployment in Afghanistan, so to pursue a complaint relating to his private life would not be appropriate at this time and would prove to be a distraction."

Photos were released of Prince Harry partying naked in Las Vegas during a game of strip billiards in August, and the British family tried to hinder U.K. publications from showing the embarrassing snapshots.

The Sun defied the wishes of the royal family and published the photos anyway.

Rupert Murdoch, who owns the Sun, defended the decision to show the images, arguing that they were in the public interest, according to CBS.

After the scandal broke out, Murdoch wrote on Twitter:

"Only lesson for Prince Harry: avoid playmates with cameras!"

The 27-year old prince is deployed in Afghanistan at Camp Bastion, where the Taliban have been trying to attack his base. But according to a source who spoke with Now magazine, “Harry doesn't want anyone else to be hurt because he's there. But he doesn't want to back down to the Taliban, either.”