Budweiser has gone north for this year's Super Bowl commercial.

The Canadian chapter of the beer company has unleashed Flash Fans, a commercial that will air only in Canada during Sunday's big game.

Since being posted on the Budweiser Canada YouTube channel two days ago, the video has received more than 445,000 views.

And there are plenty of reasons why.

The main stars of the commercial -- two beer league teams in Port Credit, Ontario -- didn't know they were going to be part of a Super Bowl ad until the very end.

Under the impression that the camera crews were part of a documentary about recreational league hockey, the Generals and the Amigos went on with their game like any other match, playing to nearly no one in the stands.

The two-minute commercial also showcases the tricksters -- Budweiser Canada -- and hundreds of locals and extras hired to storm the arena.

They're not expecting us, so let's get loud! a production assistant tells the crowd, seconds before the big surprise.

The rest of the commercial plays out like a regular hockey broadcast, complete with commentary, score updates and fan reaction.

Not that I was ever in the professional leagues anywhere, however, this is how I imagined it would be, a member of the Generals confesses.

Unbelievable, it's crazy, I can't believe it . . . all those people, it was so cool . . . great experience, echoed a player from the Amigos.

The Budweiser Canada commercial is the latest ad to hit the Web days before Super Bowl Sunday. This week, fans have been treated with spots from Volkswagen (Star Wars dog), Honda (Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller) and Pepsi Max (Regis Philbin).

Scroll down to watch Flash Fans, courtesy of Budweiser Canada, the Generals and the Amigos. (And have the tissues ready).

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