After an extended break from Game Two, the Bulls and Heat meet on Sunday night in Miami for Game Three, with the series tied, 1-1.

The Bulls want to at least split the series in Miami to regain home-court advantage.

Here are things to expect in Game Three:

Derrick Rose will have a big game. Of all of the stars on the court, Rose is the player most due for a big game. He's scored 21 points In Game Two but had a poor shooting night. Rose seemed a little off his game, and he was having trouble finishing his drives to the hoop. Shots that usually drop, came up short. That happens to the best of players, and it won't happen again in Game Three for Rose.

James Jones finally has his breakout game. The Heat are desperate for Jones to have a big night from beyond the arc to spread the court for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade to cut to the hoop. Tonight, Mike Bibby and Company set up Jones, and he takes advantage of the situation.

Joakim Noah has his best game of the series. Back in his days at the University of Florida, Noah proved he loved to win, and is at his best when he's inspired. After the Bulls' loss in Game Two, Noah will pick up his game. He made some mental errors in Game Two, like when he basically got an assist on LeBron James's steal and breakaway dunk. Those mistakes won't happen tonight. Noah has too much pride to lose focus in back-to-back games.

Udonis Haslem returns to reality. Those who expect a similar performance from Haslem in Game Three from his energized effort in Game Two will be sorely mistaken. Blame the Bulls for letting their guard down on Haslem, and credit Haslem for taking advantage of it. This time, the Bulls will be ready.

LeBron goes off. Luol Deng will be terrorized by King James tonight. Deng did an admirable job in Game One against James, but Game Two was a different story. Expect more of the same from James, and he will use his effective first step to get by Deng, as well as his clever ability to create his own outside shot.

Chris Bosh and Wade give average efforts. Many expect The Big Three to often play well together at the same time, but the trio have proven to be an inconsistent bunch together. As James will look to take control of this game, don't expect huge statistics from Bosh and Wade.

Carlos Boozer and Taj Gibson get tough. Head coach Tom Thibodeau expects smart and tough defense from his players, and he gets just that from Boozer and Gibson. The Bulls' power forward tandem will limit the Heat in the paint.

The unexpected effort comes from... Omer Asik? There's always one player who surprises us in a playoff game, and this time don't be shocked if it's Asik. The Heat are thin at center, and Asik is just waiting to have a game where he blocks shots and scores on possessions that nobody expects him to.