German police arrested fugitive murder suspect Luka Rocco Magnotta at an internet cafe in Berlin on Monday. The 29-year-old porn actor, dubbed the Canadian Psycho and the Macerator by the press, had been previously spotted in Paris, France, and is believed to have traveled to Germany by bus.

That man from this small restaurant went on the street, and there was a police car there. He stopped the policeman, and the policeman went into this small café, and so they found the man in search, Berlin Police spokesman Thomas Neuendors told reporters on Monday.

At first, [Magnotta] tried to tell several different names, but at last he said, 'OK, you got me.'

Magnotta was wanted for the first-degree murder of his boyfriend, Chinese national Jun Lin. He has been accused of videotaping the killing and sending Lin's body parts to top Canadian officials. An Interpol red notice was issued last week. Magnotta is currently being questioned by German investigators.