In the wake of Thursday’s shooting at the Capitol that resulted in the death of Miriam Carey, some are beginning to question whether or not the U.S. Capitol Police and the Secret Service used excessive force during the confrontation.

According to, the popular conspiracy theory website owned by Texas-based radio host Alex Jones (who also weighed in on the shooting), Michael Savage got in on the fracas during his show yesterday, slamming both the police for killing Carey, who was unarmed, and the media for their coverage of the event.

“Where do you find the story about the D.C. cops executing an unarmed black woman? … I don’t see it anywhere,” Savage said. “It’s a big story, because it’s not being covered. Do you remember what the media said? ‘Oh, shots were fired.’ The first reportage by these idiots was about shots being fired. She wasn’t shooting. And the cowards in the government went hiding under their closets. We’re a nation of cowards and mental cases.”

As the Washington Post reports, at least 17 shots were fired at two separate locations during the incident near the Capitol. The climax of the confrontation, which took place near the Hart Senate Office Building, resulted in the shooting death of 34-year-old Miriam Carey.

The Post points out that most city police agencies prohibit their officers from shooting at moving vehicles, but it’s unknown whether or not the Capitol Police or Secret Service were in violation of their policies.

In the middle of his rant, Savage took a call from a man claiming to be a former marine, who said that Carey should have listened to police and stopped her vehicle. “That’s right, because they’re god almighty and if you don’t stop you get executed even if you’re not armed. Is that the country you want to live in?” Savage replied.

The man asked Savage if he had ever carried a gun in the line of duty. Savage went off on the caller. “I don’t care whether you carried a gun in a line of duty,” he said. “If you kill an unarmed woman, you’re a killer.”

Later on during his show, Savage played a clip of Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md) giving thanks to the Capitol Police for their handling of the situation. Congress burst into a round of applause.

“You should throw up if you listen to this. … Listen to these lowlife degenerate idiots applauding … Listen to the losers running this country,” Savage said. “That is who is applauding the execution of that woman. The same people who are executing America are clapping at the execution of an unarmed mentally ill, mother of a one-year-old who happens to be a woman of color.”

“They can get away with killing even a black woman with a baby who didn’t have a gun?” Savage opined. “And there’s no outcry in America? No questions asked by the Washington Press Corps? … That means they can kill any one of us under the pretext that we were threatening them.”

Savage also took Washington, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier to task.

“If a police officer uses a weapon while on duty in any of our local police departments, they automatically are taken off duty,” Savage said. “They’re paid until an investigation is complete. I want to know why Cathy Lanier is not being investigated.”

“Did she give the order to kill? Who gave the order to shoot to kill? Which one of the women hiding in the back room on a television set said, ‘Ok, open up and kill her,’” Savage said. “Who made that order? Because whoever did it is responsible for this woman’s death. That’s how I see it.”

According to Reuters, Miriam Carey suffered from post-partum depression with psychosis. Her family is considering whether or not to press charges over the shooting incident at the Capitol.

Listen to both of Michael Savage’s rants below.