Whenever there's a national incident involving guns or the government, like Thursday’s shooting near the Capitol building that left Miriam Carey dead, you can count on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to weigh in.

This time, Jones is lashing out at Capitol Police and the U.S. Secret Service for shooting and killing Carey, a 34-year-old Connecticut woman who reportedly suffered from post-partum depression. Jones, the owner of popular conspiracy theory website InfoWars.com, says the authorities that shot and killed Carey aren’t heroes, as Metropolitan Police Department Chief Cathy Lanier described them during a news conference Thursday night.

“You don’t call yourselves heroic,” Jones said in a video posted to InfoWars [you can view the clip below]. “This is disgusting any way you slice it.”

While much remains unknown about why Carey led authorities on a chase that ended near the Capitol, video surfaced showing Carey’s car being surrounded by officers with guns drawn. She then sped off and her car was shot at multiple locations in the vicinity of the incident, culminating on the 100 block of Maryland Avenue.

But that didn’t stop Jones from speculating. The InfoWars founder and radio talk show host said the shooting was unjustified (at the news conference, Lanier said the video showed only one piece of the incident).

“More and more the police act like they’re in a video game and mow people down because they’re so trigger-happy that there are terrorists under every rock,” Jones said. “This women ends up dead because they’re so ready to fight an enemy. It’s really crazy.”

Jones called Carey “just a sweet little dental hygienist with no criminal record” and counted on the government to concoct a story about why she went down to D.C. It has since been reported by ABC News that Carey believed the president was electronically monitoring her so she could be broadcast on television.

“She’s dead. They’ll make something up. Who knows what they’ll make up now … and they made it like she was attacking Obama,” Jones continued.

He theorized that Carey just panicked when she reached the checkpoint and had no sinister plans to harm the White House or the Capitol.