Casey Anthony Rocking Pearl Necklace
Casey Anthony Rocking Pearl Necklace

Casey Anthony, the young mother who faced the death penalty for murdering her 2-year-old child using duct tape and chloroform, was acquitted yesterday despite the fact that she spent the month after her child went missing partying. The young woman entered herself into a hot body contest and acquired a Life Is Beautiful tattoo after her child went missing. Definitely a normal thing to do after your child drowns in a swimming pool accident.

The defense said that Anthony had become a master liar after her father repeatedly raped her from early childhood. Anthony's father has consistently denied allegations and said that she is not innocent.

Anthony's ex-fiancé Jesse Grund told Matt Lauer of NBC's Today, I was angry and shocked by the verdict. He added, It's obvious from the evidence that was presented that Casey was the last person to see Caylee alive and her body was dumped in the woods.

The small girl was found in a wooded area near the family's home in December 2008. The defense said that Caylee drowned in the family's swimming pool, prompting a cover-up by the family. The prosecution maintained that the little girl was killed by her mother so that she could take being young and beautiful to its fullest potential.

A Facebook user said shortly after the not guilty verdict, Casey Anthony and OJ should meet up. I feel like they would have a lot of things to talk about. One tweeter said that This verdict is Exhibit C in the case against televised trials.

Ashton Kutcher retweeted William Lang, who said, OJ Simpson finds this verdict outrageous. Kim Kardashian tweeted WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!

Grund told Matt Lauer that Now she has everything she ever wanted. She's going to have money. She's going to have people at her doorstep asking for her, wanting her. She's going to have that partying lifestyle that she so craved.