Casey Anthony trial rolled onto Saturday with Casey's mother Cindy breaking down into tears as she described a playhouse she had built for her granddaughter Caylee even as the prosecutors introduced as evidence the text messages that Casey had sent to her ex-boyfriend Anthony Lazzaro on the day Caylee was reported missing.

Cindy broke into tears, Saturday, as she described the layout of her home to the jury. She couldn't hold back her tears when the prosecutors showed the jury a picture of Caylee's empty bed.

Casey, who has been charged with killing Caylee by suffocating her with a duct tape, was also seen wiping her tears during Cindy's testimony.

On Saturday, Anthony Lazzaro, Casey's ex-boyfriend, also took the witness stand and told the jury what instant messages were texted between him and Casey after Caylee was reported missing to the police.

Lazzaro said Casey had texted him saying that she was helping the police search for Caylee, who she feared was dead.

Prosecutor Frank George entered the following text message conversation into evidence:

Casey Anthony: I'm so sorry for not telling you what happened. We obviously need to talk. I need you, and I love you more than anyone.
Anthony Lazzaro: Where is Caylee?
Casey Anthony: I honestly don't know.
Anthony Lazzaro: I don't know ... Are you serious?
Casey Anthony: I've been filling out reports all night and driving around with multiple officers looking at old apartments I had taken her to. Everything. I'm the worst (expletive) mother ... I don't know what I would do if something happened to her.
Anthony Lazzaro: Why wouldn't you tell me of all people? I was your boyfriend who cares about you and your daughter. It doesn't make sense to me. Why would you lie to me thinking she was fine with your nanny?
Casey Anthony: I lied to everyone. What was I supposed to say? I trust my daughter with some psycho. How does that look?
Anthony Lazzaro: (I don't know) what to say. I just hope your daughter is OK. I'm going to do everything I can to help your family and the cops.
Casey Anthony: I was put in handcuffs for almost 10 minutes and sat in the back of a cop car. The best thing and the most important person in my life is missing, and God only knows if I'm every going to see her again.
Casey Anthony: I am the dumbest person and the worst mother. I honestly hate myself.
Casey Anthony: The most important thing is getting Caylee back, but I truly hope that you can forgive me. Granted I will never be able to forgive myself nor will my family.
Anthony Lazzaro: Who is this Zanny the nanny person?
Casey Anthony: Someone I met thru a friend 4 yrs ago, used to be my buddy Jeff's (Jeffrey Hopkins, a coworker at Universal Orlando Resort where Casey worked) nanny before she became mine.
Anthony Lazzaro: Where did you drop off Caylee last time you saw her?
Casey Anthony: At her apt. at bottom of stairs, at Sawgrass Apts. Have told and shown police apartment. Drove out there w/ 2 diff. officers, just got back from 2nd drive.
Casey Anthony: If they don't find her, guess who gets blamed and spends an eternity in jail.

Lazzaro told prosecutors that he got very frustrated when Casey said she didn't know where Caylee was and hung up the phone.

On Friday, the prosecutors unsuccessfully attempted to introduce instant messages between Casey and her ex-boyfriend, which they say go to her motive. A June 10 text read: ... Only a few more days and you can bring your ass over anytime you want and stay any night you want. Judge Belvin Perry said the evidence was excessively prejudicial.

Friday's testimony largely hinged on Casey's car - a white Pontiac Sunfire - that was found abandoned in a parking lot and later towed to an impound lot from where Casey's parents picked it up two weeks later.

Both George and Simon Birch, a tow company manager, testified Casey's car reeked of the unmistakable odor of a decomposing body. While Birch recalled a very, very unique and distinctive smell, George said the odor was so powerful he could not drive it home from the impound lot where it had been towed without rolling the windows down.

I did worry for my daughter and granddaughter, George testified Friday. I didn't want to believe what I was smelling.

George said he was extremely worried about Casey and Caylee's safety because Casey had told them that they were safe and sound in Jacksonville, Florida.

Casey's father said he recalled praying to God to protect his daughter and granddaughter. After reaching home, he opened the trunk and aired the car. Later that day - July 16 - Cindy alerted the police by calling a 911 dispatcher.

The state is trying to portray Casey as a chronic liar and an uncaring mother who attempted to cover up the death of Caylee by pretending to her friends and family that Caylee was in the care of a (fictitious) baby sitter and everything was normal. The prosecutors have told the jury that Casey nightclubbed, partied, shopped and hang out with her friends even after Caylee went missing. However, Casey's friends, including her brother's fiancee Mallory Parker, have testified that Casey always looked happy and the relationship between Casey and her daughter was amazing and they didn't see Casey ever mistreating her daughter.

The prosecutors say Casey chloroformed Caylee and then put duct tape over her nose and mouth, suffocating the girl.

Casey's lawyers claim Caylee was not murdered. They say the toddler accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool and George, Casey's father, helped her keep the death a secret. George denied the claim on Thursday.

Caylee was last seen alive on June 16 and it was only on July 16 that she was reported missing to the police. Cindy had alerted the police by calling a 911 dispatcher and saying that she had smelled a dead body in the trunk of Casey's car that was spotted in an impound lot. The car was later towed by authorities for forensic analysis.

Initially, Casey told the police that a babysitter had abducted Caylee. Investigations showed Casey was lying as the babysitter Zanny was fictitious. Five months later, in December 2008, Caylee's decomposed skeletal remains were found in a wooded area near Casey's house by a meter reader who was relieving himself.

Casey has been charged with seven counts, including first degree murder, aggravated child abuse and misleading the police in the death of Caylee. If she is convicted of first degree, she could be sentenced to death by the seven-woman, five-man jury.

The trial will resume on Tuesday as Monday is a holiday on account of Memorial Day. The trial could take 4-6 weeks before a verdict is reached.