Lords of Shadow 2
Gameplay from "Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2." castlevania.wikia.com

Mercury Steam Entertainment, the developer of such games as “Castlevania Lords of Shadow,” “Clive Barker’s Jericho” and “Scrapland,” is planning a new game heavily inspired by science fiction. While the title of the Mercury Steam game hasn’t been revealed, a teaser the teaser for the game, along with the project’s concept and some promotional artwork, are available on the developer’s main page.

The site doesn’t reveal much, but apparently the gameplay will involve "exploring new worlds, fighting strange creatures and discovering new heroes.” The site also features a man smoking a cigar while sitting in his spaceship as if he is waiting for his next order or is searching the perimeter for a “strange creature.”

One can assume this sci-fi video game will either be of the shooter genre or a roleplaying game with elements of either a third-person shooter like “Mass Effect” or a first-person shooter like “Fallout.”

A forum from NeoGAF has suggested this could be a reboot of the acclaimed “Contra” series from popular publisher Konami, though this is merely fan speculation. It’s worth mentioning the later “Contra” games have also had a sci-fi influence from the initial 1980s movie-style the series emulated in its first few games.

This reportedly also could be an original intellectual property from the developer. Previous games from the studio were either from an established franchise like “Castlevania” or an established writer like Clive Barker.

Mercury Steam said more information would be coming “soon.” Considering the positive reputation the studio has developed with the first “Castlevania: Lords of Shadow,” it is safe to assume many gamers will have high expectations for the title, “Contra” reboot or not.

The Lords of Shadow Return In Mercury Steam's Castlevania Sequel (Credit: YouTube/Giant Bomb)