Fittingbox, the company known for pioneering augmented reality in the eyewear industry, is unveiling its next innovative technology at CES 2022 in a move that will help consumers purchase glasses with more certainty.

Researchers at the company  have been developing Fittingbox’s newest software, dubbed  Frame Removal. It will make use of Diminished Reality to help users pick the perfect frames for them.

Unlike augmented reality, Diminished Reality digitally removes an element from the real world. "Frame Removal" therefore virtually removes the pair of glasses worn on the user's face in real-time and replaces it with a 3D digitalized frame.

As consumers shopping for glasses have no choice but to look at themselves through an unprescribed lens, they are inevitably observing an unclear image of themselves, thus depending on the opinion of others before purchasing. This allows customers to see how they look with certain frames without corrective lenses.

“Our mission has always been to develop more immersive solutions through technology", Fittingbox CEO and Co-Founder Benjamin Hakoun said. “We always aim to serve the consumer first and to date we have generated more than 95 million virtual try-ons.”

Fittingbox has released a video showcasing Frame Removal in action.