Tiger-blooded actor Charlie Sheen was on hand at PNC Park Tuesday night to watch his beloved Cincinnati Reds lose their National League wild-card game to the upstart Pittsburgh Pirates.

Sheen, 48, appeared in the stands at PNC Park during the Pirates’ 6-2 victory over the Reds, USA Today notes. For the Pirates, the win secured Pittsburgh’s first MLB playoff win in 20 years. For Sheen, the Reds’ loss was a heartbreak.

“Well, another postseason watching some other team fight for the crown. Reds for life. Good job, Buccos. Ouch. C [sic],” Sheen tweeted after the game. The tweet was accompanied by a photo, in which Sheen, clad in a Reds hat and Oxford shirt, is seen on the perimeter of the PNC Park field after the game.

Sheen also spoke in a postgame game interview with Fox Sports. “Congratulations to the city of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Pirates,” Sheen said. “I knew flying here that I would be giving this postgame interview. I didn’t feel like [the Reds] had a shot.”

The actor seemed happy that Pirates fans finally got a chance to see some meaningful October baseball, and he passed along a request to the Pittsburgh faithful. “Just do me a favor? Beat St. Louis.”

The notoriously volatile Sheen looked quite composed during the interview, but that didn’t stop certain bystanders from accusing him of appearing to be drunk, Busted Coverage notes. “Confirmed: Reds fan Charlie Sheen is drunk. And not happy,” MLB.com writer Anthony Castrovince wrote on Twitter.

Tyler Kepner, a national baseball writer for the New York Times, chimed in with a similar observation. “A [disheveled] Charlie Sheen, wearing a Reds cap, is kinda staggering through the empty stands at PNC Park right now,” Kepner tweeted.

New York Daily News writer Kristie Ackert noted that Sheen “looked ticked” at the game. “Charlie Sheen, wearing [Reds] hat just walked out, looking ticked. [Pirates] security guy just as pissed called him a not nice game.”

The “Major League” star is a lifelong Reds fan. He donated $50,000 to the Reds’ Community Fund in 2012, USA Today notes. In addition, Sheen showed off a new tattoo of the Reds’ logo during his interview with Fox Sports.