Charlotte Hornets
The Charlotte Hornets will be back in the NBA next season, and so will their famous purple-and-teal uniforms. Reuters

The resurrected Charlotte Hornets have unveiled their new uniforms ahead of the 2014-15 NBA season.

The new Hornets will adopt the same color scheme – purple, teal and white – as that of the original Hornets, last seen on the court in 2002. Their home uniform will be predominantly white; their road uniform will be predominantly purple, and a third alternate jersey will be teal.

In May 2013, Michael Jordan, majority owner of the NBA’s Charlotte, North Carolina, franchise, announced that he planned to change his team’s names from the “Bobcats” to the “Hornets," Sports Illustrated reported. Months later, he confirmed that the Hornets’ original colors would return as well.

But the Hornets’ return to the NBA was only made possible after Jordan acquired the rights to that nickname from Tom Benson, owner of the New Orleans Pelicans. In 2002, the original “Charlotte Hornets” moved to Louisiana and became known as the New Orleans Hornets.

When Benson bought the franchise in 2012, he decided to change the team’s name to the Pelicans, in honor of the state bird of Louisiana. Meanwhile, the Charlotte Bobcats were a separate, expansion franchise; they joined the NBA in 2004 and used the Bobcats name, coupled with a orange-and-blue color scheme, up until this season.

Photos of the Hornets’ new uniforms can be viewed below, courtesy of the team’s official Twitter account. In addition, the team compiled a photo gallery of their new jerseys here.