President Barack Obama on Wednesday highlighted ways in which China is changing its policies that are likely to boost sales to the third largest U.S. trading partner.

He made the comments during a joint press conference with Chinese President Hu Jintao at the White House during the first full day of a state visit.

In fact, our exports to China are growing nearly twice as fast as our exports to the rest of the world, making it a key part of my goal of doubling American exports and keeping America competitive in the 21st century, Obama said.

Obama said Wednesday the U.S. currently sells more than $100 million in goods and services to China, supporting more than half a million U.S. jobs. China is currently the 3rd largest U.S. trading partner behind Canada and Mexico.

Also on Wednesday, the White House released a list of $45 billion in export deals between U.S. companies and China that have been agreed to in preparation for Hu's visit. Among the announced deals, Boeing said China committed to buying 200 aircraft costing $19 billion.

Software sales are expected benefit from greater commitment by China to intellectual property rights.

A China government budget for legal software purchases, auditing and audit publication of legal software use, as well as government promotion of private software use were among the commitments China is making, the White House noted in a released statement.

China has also vowed to crack down more on violators of intellectual property rights, the White House said, citing the results of recent bilateral trade talks.

The White House also lauded China's new anti-discrimination policies for government purchases.

For products, where its intellectual property was developed or maintained will no longer affect buying decisions. Products made by foreign suppliers in China will also no longer face discrimination, the White House said.

American equipment makers in Chinese government programs will also benefit from elimination of certain discriminatory criteria known as indigenous innovation.