A 19-year-old Chinese blogger was arrested Thursday on suspicion of advertising prostitution after she allegedly posted an online message propositioning sexual favors during her stay at a hotel in Hainan Island in the southernmost province of China.

Ye Mouyi allegedly uploaded an invitation for sex to Chinese social media site Weibo and instant messenger WeChat Thursday. The post contained a bikini picture and the GPS location of her room at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Sanya City’s Haitang Bay, according to a local news outlet.

"Somebody come get me … Sex … for free … 6316," Mouyi wrote in a message under the pseudonym Qianjin Yeye, which has since been deleted, according to the news outlet. 

Police said the message caused a large group to gather at the hotel, which prompted noise complaints from surrounding patrons.

Rumors swirled on social media claiming that at some point over 3,000 people arrived while many contacted the concierge over her whereabouts, according to the Asia Wire news service. 

Those who apparently showed up uploaded video and pictures outside the woman’s room.

During the incident, Mouyi apparently logged on WeChat again and asked users to "stop sharing" her address, which she called a "joke."

The hotel confirmed that she had checked into room 6316, according to Asia Wire. 

Hilton Hotel reportedly called police hours after the disturbance and discovered staff had already escorted Mouyi off the property.

Authorities arrested her Friday at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport on prostitution and disorderly conduct charges. She received a $101 fine and a 15-day jail sentence, according to police.

Mouyi revealed to police that she posted the message online to gain more followers across her social media accounts, which have since been suspended.