iPad 2

A Chinese hacker has built his own iPad 3 by combining old laptop parts and a touchscreen.

It is still not clear exactly what parts he used, but it may consist of inner circuits of a laptop. The hacker managed to develop a bulky device with a touchscreen and the tablet was reported to work flawlessly.

The self-made tablet runs on Windows XP and has a built-in Google Earth application. The hacker was able to rotate the screen and switch between menus without any problem. A leather case for the tablet was also designed for the tablet, which included a built-in keyboard.

The time taken to build the tablet was two weeks, and the hacker has even encouraged others to build a similar tablet device for themselves, the Geek reported.

Previously a Chinese boy wanted to sell his kidney to acquire money to buy the Apple-made tablet and a girl offered her virginity in exchange for an iPhone 4.

Here is the link to the video