In 2011, Chinese travelers made 70 million international trips. In 2020, that number is expected to far exceed 100 million, according to the World Tourism Organization.

Many Chinese travelers stick close to home when traveling abroad -- Hong Kong is the most popular international destination, followed by Singapore and Tokyo. However, several U.S. cities are also among the top 20 cities that Chinese travelers visit, including New York, the most popular American destination.

International hotels are finally waking up this new target market, and beginning to customize their offerings for their Chinese clientele, according to More than 60 percent of hotels plan to offer translated welcome materials as well as payment systems that will allow travelers to pay using China UnionPay, a popular Chinese bankcard.

Here’s an infographic with more insights:

The Chinese Tourism Boom
Chinese travelers made 70 million international trips in 2011, and hotels are increasingly competing for their attention with perks and customized offerings. Lisa Mahapatra

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