Chris Arreola isn't just going to fight back, but he insists that he's going to give Adam Kownacki a hard time on the ring. The unbeaten Kownacki has been making strides lately, but "The Nightmare," isn't going down without a fuss. Arreola said that he won't allow the 30-year-old Polish fighter to use his name "as a stepping stone."

Kownacki will be squaring up against the 38-year-old American fighter at Barclays Center, Brooklyn on August 4. Adam has fought nine of his last eleven bouts in the arena, quickly becoming one of New York's most anticipated fighters.

For his part, Arreola is mindful of the role he's stepping in. His unwillingness to bow down to Kownacki's recent fight record is admirable, but he has to prove it to a Brooklyn crowd that will be cheering for "Babyface."

Coming off in straight wins against Gerald Washington, Charles Martin, the Polish pugilist has already racked up 19 wins, 15 via knockouts. Other notable names that he has defeated include Iago Kiladze and Artur Szpilka.

Winning against a reputable veteran like Chris Arreola could possibly set up Kownacki to a future championship match. He could fight Andy Ruiz Jr. (depending on the result of his rematch against Anthony Joshua) or he can potentially challenge Trevor Bryan's WBA Interim belt.

"Babyface" is currently listed at #4 with the IBF heavyweight rankings, another scenario could include a fight in 2020 against Kubrat Pulev. However, he must win against Arreola, who himself also won two straight against Jean Pierre Augustin and Maurenzo Smith in convincing fashion.

His mindset going into the fight puts him in an advantage. Considering what a loss against the Polish fighter would do to his career, the American boxer is keen on putting up a fight. In an interview, he said that if he loses the battle, he "will retire, plain and simple." He added that "I love the sport of boxing, and I want people to remember me as a world heavyweight champion."

The former heavyweight champ also mentioned the time when he fought against Jameel McCline. At that time McCline was one of the up and coming stars of the heavyweight division but was soon forgotten after he was beaten up by Arreola.

He spoke about the thought and said that "I don't want to be his Jameel." August 4 will surely be an exciting fight between two heavyweight sluggers. Brooklyn will surely cheer on for "Babyface" but "The Nightmare" will surely be looking for an upset.