A collaboration between Coca-Cola and EDM DJ Marshmello brings a limited edition Marshmello/Coke flavored soda that will be hitting U.S. shelves soon, the companies announced on Wednesday.

The new Coke flavor is watermelon-strawberry flavored and a part of the company's “Coca-Cola Creations" drop. It is now its third product offered under the drop along with “Starlight” and “Byte.” Marshmello also is the first artist to ever have a co-create a drink with Coca-Cola.

"For our third Coca-Cola Creations drop, we sought to add an unexpected remix of flavors to a great Coca-Cola taste," Oana Vlad, senior director of global strategy at the company, said in a press release.

The Starlight flavor is actually described as marshmallow-like. It’s said to be “reminiscent of stargazing around a campfire [with] a cooling sensation that evokes the feeling of a cold journey to space.” The Byte flavor is said to “bring the flavor of pixels to life,” according to Coca-Cola Creations.

Marshmello described the flavor in a statement as, "We created a vibey blend of my favorite flavors in this all-new mix. I think it tastes amazing and I hope fans love it too."

“It was great to collaborate with Coca-Cola on this limited-edition drop," Marshmello added.

The Marshmello and Coke flavor will be available starting on July 11 for a limited time. The flavor will also be made with zero sugar.

Coca-Cola competitor Pepsi has also recently been releasing new flavors rather than just its original cola flavor. In February, Pepsi announced a new nitrogen-infused cola beverage "Nitro-Pepsi."