Enjoying (or enduring) a cold shower in the morning offers more than just a jolt of wakefulness to your groggy system. Several studies have shown that the change in temperature is a great way to boost your immune system, as well as help you recover faster after an intense workout. So the next time you hesitate to turn off that heater knob when you start your day, consider these scientifically proven benefits first because a douse of cold water just might be what you need. Here are 8 scientific reasons why cold showers are good for you.

1. Cold showers stimulate weight loss

Cold temperatures can help increase brown fat in the body by 15 times its normal amount and this can lead to 9 lbs of lost weight per year — and that’s just by taking cold showers. Brown fat, unlike white fat, is good and is what the body uses to generate heat and keep itself warm. 

2. They enhance fertility

Hot baths have been observed to reduce sperm count and boost fertility. One study shows that males who stopped taking hot showers regularly found their sperm count shoot up by as much as 491 percent. 

3. They boost immunity

Cold showers help increase the amount of white blood cells in the body, thereby improving your immune system. The low temperature pushes the body to warm itself during the cold shower, which then boosts the speed of metabolism and activates the immune system into producing more white blood cells.

4. Cold showers improve the hair and skin

When the water is cold, the skin and hair get to preserve their natural oils, and this is why the hair looks stronger and shinier after a cold shower than if you had a hot one.

5. Cold showers reduce stress

Low temperatures help train the nervous system to be more resilient to stress. As the body adapts to the jolt that cold showers bring, you will find that it no longer has the same deterrent effect as when you first tried making it a habit. This zen-like focus will eventually reflect on your daily life, so that nothing can easily ruin your mood. 

6. They help relieve depression

Cold showers offer relief for depressive symptoms by stimulate the so-called “blue spot,” or the main source noradrenaline in the brain. This chemical plays a huge role in alleviating depression. 

7. They help drain the lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is important because it carries the waste out of your cells and is crucial in your defense against infections. Cold showers contract the lymph vessels, especially when alternated with hot water, and this is what stimulates the pumping action towards achieving a strong immunity.

8. Cold showers boost circulation

The cold jolts the circulatory system into sending blood to the organs to help keep them warm. This stimulation is great for your overall cardio health.