The Amazon Kindle Fire was one of the hottest gifts this Christmas. Amazon's first tablet has sold millions of units since its Nov. 15 launch, in part because of its low ($199) price. But the Kindle Fire tablet has also gotten some heat for glitches, including some users that complain of a clumsy touchscreen.

It has still become the first worthy competitor to the world's most popular tablet, the Apple iPad, however.

In response, the Conan O'Brien show decided to have some fun at the expense of the Kindle Fire. On the show, an actor portrays Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos. He is on hand to show viewers how to fix issues with the Kindle Fire tablet. Bezos, or rather the actor playing Bezos, is sitting in a living room decorated by framed money.

He gives viewers a tour of the device and points out some fake Kindle Fire repairs including duct tape, an oxygen suppression box, and a Buy iPad Now! emergency button.

See the video below: