Walt Disney World has reportedly taken down a version of the Confederate flag from the American Adventure pavilion in its Epcot theme park. The banner was part of a display that took visitors through the history of the United States.

Disney admitted the removal of the flag without commenting further, Orlando Sentinel reported Wednesday. The Confederate flag was reportedly showcased along with more than 40 other banners in Epcot as the American Adventure guests watched an animatronics show with references to slavery, Civil War and abolitionists.

The banner on display was reportedly the third flag of the Confederacy with blue cross and white stars on a red background in the upper-left corner, bordered by a field of white with a thick and red stripe at the other end.

The move comes a day after Disney said it removed a Bill Cosby bust statue from its Hall of Fame Plaza after the park closed Tuesday night. The decision was taken after court documents reportedly revealed that Cosby admitted giving sedatives to girls he wanted to have sex with.

The Confederate flag became a topic of debate after the Charleston church shooting in South Carolina on June 17. Dylann Roof, the assailant who was charged for killing nine people, was reportedly seen with a Confederate flag in photos on a website that he allegedly created. The site also reportedly showcased a manifesto featuring his racist beliefs.

Also, recently a firefighter from Minnesota was suspended for flying the controversial flag during a parade in Albert Lea city Saturday.