• Sylvester Stallone urges Conor McGregor to take Jake Paul's offer
  • Conor McGregor undergoes successful surgery
  • Cam F. Awesome gives his honest take on Paul's boxing involvement

“Rocky” star Sylvester Stallone believes it would be a wise business move for UFC star Conor McGregor to face YouTuber Jake Paul.

Stallone was in attendance when McGregor faced Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 last Saturday.

Before the main event got underway, the 75-year-old actor weighed in on the encounter and also gave his take on the brewing McGregor vs. Jake Paul boxing match.

As far as the Hollywood actor is concerned, McGregor would be foolish not to take the fight. He believes it is a good business move.

“Are you kidding? With the kind of money that’s going around, he’d be foolish not to. Think about it,” Stallone stated via TMZ.

Assuming that McGregor does take up Paul on the offer, it may take some time. He sustained a gruesome leg injury against Poirier and is expected to miss time.

The Irishman recently underwent surgery in Los Angeles, where doctors inserted a rod in his tibia and the fibula was addressed with plates and screws according to a recent report from TMZ.

He is expected to stay in the hospital until Tuesday or Wednesday. There was no mention of when “The Notorious” can return to competitive action.

Ironically, Stallone and Paul were discussed in a recent episode of Sports For All PH. Decorated amateur boxer Cam F. Awesome was asked about a certain tweet he made in May and explained it to hosts Vincent Juico, Rica Aquino and Brian Yalung.

The tweet read: "A guy that isn't an actual boxer is making loads of money off boxing and it's delegitimizing the art of the sport."

When asked by Yalung if he was in any way referring to Jake Paul, the 33-year-old super heavyweight explained the connection. And ironically, “Rocky” movies were part of it.

“I’ve never watched Rocky movies, I’m completely against Rocky movies. Now people love Rocky so much because he (Stallone) is someone who came into the boxing world not as a boxer. No boxing experience at all,” the man is formerly known as Lenroy Thompson stressed.

Jake Paul
Multi-awarded amateur boxer Cam F Awesome feels that people who hate Jake Paul should also hate "Rocky" movies when he explained a tweet he branded as a post of irony. Getty Images | Cliff Hawkins

“People who love Rocky will also find the fact that Jake Paul is a bad thing for the sport. Do they not see any irony? A guy, Rocky or Sylvester Stallone, who has nothing to do with boxing making money out of boxing," he added.

"Jake Paul, a guy who has nothing to do with boxing making money out of boxing. That was just a post of irony just to show the Jake Paul situation making money out of boxing is no different from Rocky making money out of boxing. And if you hate Jake Paul, you should hate Rocky too."