• Consumer Reports has released its list for Best & Worst Used Cars – Models 2002-2012. The list, which is intended to help drivers choose the best used car for their money, highlights the best sedans, SUVs and small cars available in four price ranges.

    CR gives its seal of approval to cars that performed well in its tests and had above-average reliability for the model years.

    "With so many choices, shopping for a used car can be overwhelming. Our report provides a much-needed cheat sheet that Americans can refer to for help getting the best and most reliable used car that fits their budget," Consumer Reports Auto Editor Rik Paul said Tuesday.

    The Consumer Reports worst used cars list includes 2003 to 2012 models that have had multiple years of much-worse-than-average overall reliability, according to CR's Annual Auto Survey. Among the 20 models that made the list are the BMW 7 Series, the Ford Explorer (V6, 4WD), the Kia Sorento (V6), and the Mini Cooper S.

  • Click here for the full Consumer Reports list of best and worst used cars