Fact – if you were to give an e-cigarette a rating, its ability to realize flavors will effect that score massively.

The Trend - The convenience and ease given by the closed-pod systems have made them widely welcomed in the market. Now refillable pod devices with smaller sizes are gaining more and more attention due to their ability to use more flavors.

Following these, VAPORESSO recently launched its latest innovation of ceramic heating technology – COREX. Designed specifically for refillable devices with the ability to restore flavors and increase the nicotine satisfaction, aiming to bring the vaping experience onto a new level.    

Over the past few years, VAPORESSO has been paying attention to the considerable demand for refillable heating technology in the market. People are yearning for that ideal option which can be as good as FEELM - SMOORE's breakthrough ceramic coil adopted for the closed-pod system. "COREX was born after a series of in-depth research and improvements. Starting in 2015, this ground-breaking core technology had been strictly guarded within the laboratory, and it was not able to be introduced to the world until after numerous optimizations." Says Niki Zhang, the marketing manager of VAPORESSO.

Similar to the FEELM coil, COREX has no cotton or other wicking materials attached just pure ceramic compound. COREX is a cellular ceramic core with the mesh heating element embedded directly into the ceramic body. The ceramic body is comprised of evenly distributed and proportioned microporous inlet holes to allow heat and juice to flow throughout easily and quickly. According to Zhang's words, COREX can give the vapers an instant satisfaction of rich flavor and nicotine delivery. Also, the interaction between the porous ceramic and the embedded mesh heating element allows users to consistently enjoy the same pleasure as the first puff for a more extended period, and with enhanced durability.

One of the original intentions of designing COREX is to enhance the vaping satisfaction factor for users and offering smokers who try to quit smoke a better alternative. COREX creates the optimal "distribution and dimension of porosity" to work with a variety of e-juice, and increasing the nicotine delivery by 67%. Warming up is unnecessary for COREX to provide satisfaction in the first inhale, as COREX can reach the perfect atomizing temperature within the first 0.2 seconds. Meanwhile, the increased rates of heating from the first puff to the 1000th puff remain at the same level.

The mesh heating element embedded directly into the ceramic body allows the coil to expand its contacting area for e-juice from all sides. The combination of mesh heating element and ceramic material, plus the evenly distributed inlet holes, enables COREX heating distributed equally in this way to produce more flavorful and smoother vapor. 

COREX adopts an extremely low thermal conductivity (less than 1/5 of aluminum oxide ceramics) with the specially created cellular ceramic compound. That's why the COREX coil lasts longer than any other coils used in refillable systems, which including standard cotton coils, mesh coils, and even other ceramic coils." What's more, another significant benefit of COREX is that it can perform more efficiently than other types of coils with less power consumption. The combination of optimum porosity and embedded heating element extends the battery life twice as much from other power sources. It guarantees the following users will get the most satisfaction from their device and nicely defines the meaning of "Efficiency just became effective."

VAPORESSO is a subsidiary of SMOORE Technology, which is considered one of the most well-known innovators in heating technology around the world. Established in 2006 and headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with 13 factories and more than 13,000 employees, SMOORE has established relevant research, innovation, production, and testing teams. It brings its customers vaping products with advanced technology, avant-garde design, and security. That's why SMOORE has succeeded in becoming the world's largest provider of vaping products, with the lowest product rejection rate. Undoubtedly, VAPORESSO which established in 2014 has also inherited the spirit from SMOORE.