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Trialbee: Transforming Clinical Trials by Making Participant Recruitment Efficient and Diverse

Clinical research has evolved enormously in the last decade, not only in the increase in the number of Clinical Trials but also in its complexity. The number of inclusion/exclusion criteria has increased by approximately 60%, and the number of variables to be studied in the trials by approximately 89%. This increase in complexity translates into an increase in the cost associated with the studies and questions about their sustainability.

25 Best CBD Oil Companies for Pain, Sleep and Insomnia

If you suffer from any ailment, mental or physical, you know the value of finding something that alleviates your suffering. For many, CBD oil has been the saving grace. Millions have benefited from its healing properties.
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COREX——Breakthrough heating technology from the core

The convenience and ease given by the closed-pod systems have made them widely welcomed in the market. Now refillable pod devices with smaller sizes are gaining more and more attention due to their ability to use more flavors.