Central African Republic

Guns And Smiles: Russia Flaunts Firepower At Africa Summit

Russia is showing off its next generation Kalashnikov assault rifles, helicopters and facial recognition systems as President Vladimir Putin hosts dozens of African leaders for a major summit in Sochi.The Wednesday and Thursday event at the Black Sea resort has brought together delegates to discuss everything from nuclear technology to mineral extraction -- but on the sidelines, stands for arms companies dominate.

Ngbaba, a sport lost in time, returns to battered C. Africa

Two teams confronted each other on the dusty sports field, wielding roughly cut sticks to whack a homemade puck at high speed.For the middle-aged and beyond, the sight of this rugged game triggered distant memories, of happier times.The sport, known as ngbaba, is unique to the Central African Republic -- and, almost like the embattled country itself, has been hauled back from near-death.Once played widely in streets and villages, ngbaba -- pronounced "g'baba" -- has simple rules and requires speed, dexterity and a dose of fearlessness.