You may have watched the movie Snakes On A Plane and this classic action flick has served as an inspiration to many criminals and drug dealers around the world to smuggle illegal substances, valuable properties, living beings and rare species.

The smugglers in today's world are really inventive to sneak past the authorities- by hiding money in box of pastries or putting guns in the Mickey Mouse dolls or placing drugs in mini-submarines. But these set of runners in the real world, as the smugglers in the movie, are often caught and they end up in a mess.

An old lady, who was trying to smuggle Apple iPhones from Hong Kong to Shenzhen in China by keeping them inside beer bottles, was caught recently. The lot, comprising of iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S, was inserted into empty beer bottles that had been cut open and then resealed with tape. They were actually bundled in groups of three, wrapped in a black bag and put into dark bottles.

Indeed, this wasn't one of the best innovative methods followed although there are other thugs in the society who are travelling daily with a lot of substance, without getting caught and the system needs to come out with ground-breaking technologies to catch them red-handed and prevent the crime from spreading.

Here is a slideshow which will take you on a ride to several ridiculous methods adopted by smugglers.