• Cristiano Ronaldo is invited to a special fan's wedding
  • Ronaldo has promised to pay for tsunami survivor and fan's education
  • Ronaldo was not invited to former teammate's wedding

Crisitano Ronaldo could make his special fan’s wedding an unforgettable event.

Ronaldo isn’t only expected to make more unforgettable moments in soccer. The Juventus forward could soon be on his way to Indonesia after being invited to the wedding of tsunami survivor Martunis.

Martunis was also a huge fan of Ronaldo whom he refer to as his “mentor” in life. The 22-year-old first met the five-time Ballon d'Or winner in 2005. Martunis was reportedly found 21 days after “The Boxing Day” tsunami in 2004 claimed the lives of over 230,000 people. The then-8-year-old Martunis was found stranded on a beach wearing the jersey of the Portuguese national team. It was later reported that the tsunami caused the death of Martunis mother and two siblings, The Sun reported.

Ronaldo was so moved by Martunis' story that he is said to have promised to pay for his education as well as to help the kid travel across Europe. Things made an even bigger turn for Martunis as the Portuguese Football Federation donated £34,000 to help him rebuild his home.

Shortly after his rescue, Ronaldo visited Martunis in Aceh. The duo have met on numerous occasions since their first encounter and their last meeting happened in Turin in August at a publicity event for Singaporean marketplace Shopee, a brand which “CR7” has recently advertised.

After Martunis announced his engagement to his now-fiancee Sri Wahyuni, he was asked by a friend whether his “mentor” would be in attendance at the wedding. Martunis replied with tremendous optimism saying Ronaldo “ will come if he is not busy."

Cristiano Ronaldo hit back with four goals for Portugal after being substituted in Juventus's last two games.
Cristiano Ronaldo AFP / Marco Bertorello

While Ronaldo was cordially invited to his fan’s wedding, a former teammate didn’t want to see him at his special day. It will be remembered that Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos has not invited the Portuguese superstar and former teammate Ronaldo for his wedding

According to, the 33-year-old married his fiancée seven years after his engagement in front of the 500 guests which included many current and former players of the Los Blancos. However, Ramos did not invite Ronaldo with whom he played for nine seasons at the Santiago Bernabeu.

Reports claimed that the relationship between the star defender and the Portugal star striker started to deteriorated after the latter asked the Madrid hierarchy to let him leave following Los Blancos’ 13th UEFA Champions League triumph in 2018. It was also believed that it was the reason why Ronaldo was not invited to the event.